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The Rick Baker retired from the cinema

The Rick Baker retired from the cinema

by horrormovies.gr30/05/2015

Somewhere here it seems that the time has come for one of the greatest players in the makeup and special effects that experienced the horror and not only cinema to retire from active duty. The reason for his legendary multi-award winning designer Rick Baker whom the horror audience knows better than the great work in "An American Werewolf In London" (1981) where she won the Academy Award for best makeup.

The Rick Baker in a recent interview on radio station KPPC clarified the landscape around his retirement by stating the following:

I said that is the right timing because I am 64 years old and the film industry has gone crazy the current era. I like to do the right jobs and they want it cheap and foot jobs. It's not what I want to do, and that's why I decided it is time to actually leave. I would think probably to design or advise for something but I don't think it will occupy a large studio for working longer Rick Backer

And he went on to say:

I do a lot of crazy stuff. Paint, smileyw and make digital models. These are the main part of my life now that go from the film industry and I look forward to do just what I want Rick Backer

The Baker has been rewarded with Oscars 7 times out of 11 nominations had altogether. Took special effects and makeup in numerous films of various categories or as the main designer and sometimes playing a secondary, advisory role.

Notable participations in horror scene except "An American Werewolf In London ' are ' The Exorcist ' (1973)" It's Alive "(1974)," Videodrome "(1983)," Wolf "(1994)," The Frighteners "(1996)," The Ring "(2002) and" The Wolfman "(2010) among many others. He was also the man behind the special effects for the transformation of Michael Jackson into a werecat (something close to a werewolf) in monumental video clip of Thriller.

We thank you for the fantastic job they did all these years giving us unique well-crafted tromares and we wish him good luck in whatever you do from now on.


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