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Gearing up for Baby Rosemary's remakes and Tommyknockers

Gearing up for Baby Rosemary's remakes and Tommyknockers

by horrormovies.gr10/01/2014

The great American television network NBC has begun procedures to rerun the horror classic novel "Rosemary's Baby" (1967) by Ira Levin. It is a four-hour production that will be viewed in shorter episodes from NBC. Shooting will begin in January 2014 to Paris where they will be placed and the history of the leading pair. So far the book has only met Levin classical cinematic running 1968 with Director Roman Polanski. The Lionsgate has taken the production while the script by James Wong and Scott Abbott. In directing lies the Polish Director Agnieszka Holland. The role of Rosemary will be the actress Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar).

The NBC also plans rerun of the science fiction novel "Tommyknockers" by Stephen King which was written in 1987 and acquired television personality in 1993 directed by John Power. The new Telefilm will skinothetithei from the Emmy-winning, Yves Simoneau.


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