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Prepares another remake for The Blob

Prepares another remake for The Blob

by horrormovies.gr26/01/2015

According to exclusive information from, the classic horror/science fiction film of 1958 "The Blob" would be going for a second time. The new remake would be a production of Coldcrest Films in collaboration with Taewon Entertainment and A-List Corporation. The Coldcrest Films will take and distribute globally.

The film will be directed by the Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2) and not the Rob Zombie as originally announced. Shooting is expected to begin in the summer comes. What should be noted is the use of CGI to create the special effects, something that had no previous movies about the voracious alien mass!

About the last apocalyptic is West's statement in this website:

"With modern CGI we can entirely understand the dynamics of The Blob. The world we create will be completely believable, emotionally unprecedented insight and sufficient. It is humbling to systineis a timeless film to a wider audience and the fans a completely new era. "

We remind that over the original 1958 film where starred the then young Steve McQueen, The Blob has experienced a weak sequel in 1972 (Beware! The Blob) and a remarkable remake in 1988 which still seen very pleasantly with the effects of being satisfactorily even for today's standards.

Finally, another point to note is that the producer of the first "The Blob" Jack. H. Harris will return as executive producer this time helping producers Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten.

We wonder – and assume and several friends of horror – how useful it would be and this remake, given and remarkable film of 1988?


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