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Freezes the remake of Suspiria

Freezes the remake of Suspiria

by horrormovies.gr05/09/2013

By 2008 it had become known in the horror community that the legendary Suspiria (1977) of Italian Director Dario Argento was going to acquire, a remake news rather disappointed most friends of the film and Argento himself. It was announced that the remake will be directed by the American David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Undertow, etc.) and the role of actress Natalie Portman would. Later, in 2012 was informed that the role would play eventually Isabelle Fuhrman, which we enjoyed as the malicious girl in "Orphan" of 2009.

Those who were disappointed by this news, you can now smile as according to the latest information the project is unknown (and probably definitive) in plaster. According to David Gordon Green's statements in ' the Playlist ' the reasons for the suspension is of a legal nature. Beyond the legal barriers but seem satisfied and additional reasons for his decision to distance himself from the remake. As recently stated in the magazine Esquire seems to be no interest in the world for artistically horror film like "Suspiria" but the fashion favours raw horror movies and those in style "documentary" using amateur camera.

So for now the fans of classic Suspiria can feel relieved (and graphs) after aborting it. ..


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