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Prepares the remake "Shivers"

Prepares the remake "Shivers"

by horrormovies.gr08/09/2013

The classic sci-fi/horror debut of David Cronenberg that had upset a lot of people in the 70s with the terrible scenes of violent and perverse content, and this comes in the list of horror films that are going to acquire remake. Recently the producers Jeff Sackman and Michael Baker announced that they plan to back the "Shivers in a later season.

The events will unfold in a future world where the restless IOS HIV is outdated and people come to sexual touching skin but not through the screens. Parasites that we met in the original "Shivers" I break these digital boundaries causing chaos.

The "Shivers" I skinothetithei from the Danish Rie Rasmussen (known to film the Human Zoo, 2009) and the script will be written by Ian Driscoll (active in cult horror movies).  Shooting will begin in February of 2014 while the cast has not yet been finalized.


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