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Remake comes and the first splatter of history

Remake comes and the first splatter of history

by horrormovies.gr05/05/2016

blood feast headReally how many know the Blood Feast and the historical significance of the scene of horror? This 1963 movie contrived by Herschell Gordon Lewis American is considered the first splatter film and therefore holds a unique position in horror cinema, although like horror film itself isn't anything special.

Revolves around a catering officer Egyptian origin that kills several women in Miami in order to use their body's members into ceremonial meals to bring to life the goddess Ishtar. Simultaneously a detective tries to find the manic.

In the remake will star the Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sophie Monk and Sadie Katz while directing the Marcel Walz. No other information is currently only a teaser trailer and relatively rich photo material that accompanies this news.

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