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To Remake the classic Nosferatu by Robert Eggers

To Remake the classic Nosferatu by Robert Eggers

by horrormovies.gr29/07/2015

Another remake, this time getting ready for one of the best horror movies of all time. Yes, you read well, the legendary masterpiece of German Expressionism "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens" (1922) and will take this remake version like many others and often classic horror films who died recently (obvious negative predisposition huh?), like Carrie, the Poltergeist etc.

The new film will be a production of Studio 8, and in the Director's Chair will be the creator of this promising horror film ' The Witch ' Robert Eggers. The award-winning filmmaker will be edited and scenario in the new Untitled yet remake that'll reruns the legend of Dracula. Also according to initial information, the remake will have more ' horrific ' picture whatever one understands from this description.

We remind that the classic 1922 silent film, had also acquired a German remake in 1979 titled "Nosferatu the Vampyre" which has gone psiloaparatirito in our country. Don't expect much for this new remake but you never know …


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