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First look at the remake of Martyrs

First look at the remake of Martyrs

by horrormovies.gr03/03/2015

At a time when horror remakes are announced and topped lavishly, it's no surprise that the French cult horror film ' Martyrs ' (2008) by Pascal Laugier and soon it will have a similar trim. The upcoming American remake of Martyrs will skinothetithei by newcomers to the horror scene Goetz brothers (Scenic Route) that will attempt to make the "ultimate horror movie" promotional poster as in claim of the film.

It makes sense of course all friends of terror to keep small basket with respect to such grandiose statements but also because the original Martyrs was a really great film that shows any attempt of epanektelesis makes it unnecessary. Expecting anxiously but also skepticism that has to tell us the Goetz brothers movie.

Also worth noting that the production of the remake will done the Blumhouse Production (Insidious, Paranormal Activity) in collaboration with The Safran Company. In the new film will star the Troian Bellisario Bailey, Noble, Kate Burton, Elyse Cole and Blake Robbins. The release date is unknown at present.

However, the creators of the remake they give us a first impression of their work by publishing recently a photo from the movie streams which we present.

martyrs photo

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