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House's remake comes from Sean Cunningham S.

House's remake comes from Sean Cunningham S.

by horrormovies.gr20/11/2015

This news comes from the notorious horror magazine Fangoria and from the mouth of the Sean Cunningham S.. The creator of history "the slasher" Friday 13th (1980) after the recent award of the Horror Film Festival in New York was approached by representatives of the magazine Fangoria moving among other things in a revealing statement.

house posterWhen Cunningham asked about future projects replied that aims to turn the cult horror film remake of the 80s ' House '. The more old friends of horror in Greece possibly remember the "House" from the golden age of VHS when it came up on the shelves of video clubs as ' home '. It was a weird movie contrived by Steve Miner and combination of horror, comedy and fantasy. The main character was a Viet Nam veteran (William Katt) and now writer who moved into the House she inherited from her deceased aunt's to the frustration of terrifying entities within the House.

The Cunningham was producer of the original "House" along with the great Roger Corman and some others. The remake now contains an important change. The role of the protagonist will be transferred to a female actress without being known more details. Here are some of Cunningham's statements about the project:

The BREW in this period. We are working on a new ' House ' here and about 4 or 5 years and concluded that the structure of the original film is extremely strong and that a simple rerun would not improve nor will it change. I had to rethink in order to find a good reason to come back. Recently we came the idea ' why not do a sex change, so it is not a man in the House? […]' …… I would love to shoot this film and I hope to be able to keep all the items of personal history version of Katt Bill and to make it fun. Sean S. Cunningham

For the story to remind you that the original "House" had fertilize other 3 sequels without none of them managed to reach the cult fame of the original film. To see what the near future holds for this remake …


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