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Comes the remake of The Entity with producer James Wan

Comes the remake of The Entity with producer James Wan

by horrormovies.gr27/04/2015

The remakes are certainly not the most resonant news today (given their frequency), but when involved in a charismatic personality as the great James Wan and cannot pass unnoticed.

From what we learned so recently, Malaysian filmmaker will put its stamp on yet another horror film remake, this time, from the post of producer. Going to re-run the biografikis cult horror film of the 80s, known as "The Entity" that had directed the Sidney J Furie. and is based on the same title novel by Frank De Felitta.

The film tells the tragic story of a woman he believes is abused sexually by a supernatural demonic entity. Apart from the Wan, in producing the adept at horror genre Roy Lee (The Ring, The Grudge). The script will take the brothers Chad and Carey Hayes who had curated and scenario of The Conjuring.

The remake of "The Entity" may be released in 2017. Will come back for anything newer.


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