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The Cube's remake comes from Lionsgate

The Cube's remake comes from Lionsgate

by horrormovies.gr04/05/2015

Madura reeling from the shock of the news for the remake of "Don't Look Now" and a second powerful shock comes to shake more. According to information from the Hollywood Reporter the company Lionsgate has already begun the preparatory work for the rerun of a classic horror film yet. This is amazing-sci fi/horror "The Cube" by Vincenzo Natali that released the … not particularly distant 1997.

The remake will skinothetithei by Kesh Saman rookie whose short career includes a number of notable films such as the relatively recent "The Controller" (2013). The script will also take on new writer Gawthorne Philip and produce the Lee Roy (The Ring, The Grudge) and John Spaihts who had worked on the screenplay of "Prometheus".

A difference of the remake will be initially the title which will be changed to "Cubed". Also, although the basic concept of the original film will be maintained – that is to say a small group of people trying to escape from a huge cubic structure containing cubic rooms with lethal traps – the new film will highlight topics such as artificial intelligence and a new digital "tribe", whatever they entail.

As for many remakes which is natural to prevail and scepticism about the Cubed. See the original movie and was on many levels but has not shut down even 20 years of existence, therefore a freskarisma seems hasty move at first sight. However the relatively flexible theme of possibly Cube is easier to remodeled and refreshed than older horror films with most emblematic and "sacred" character like ' Don't Look Now ' that we mentioned recently.

From this point of view, perhaps the Cube remake of to have more chances to come out good than many planned remakes classic horror films. The near future will tell …


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