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Reboot in the making for The Howling and Strangeland

Reboot in the making for The Howling and Strangeland

by horrormovies.gr07/05/2015

Cover the reading! Lately the news about remakes and reboots do not say to winds abate. So we learned recently that two other horror movies are going to accept sprucing up, one classic or another somewhat buried in obscurity …

The initiatives cover versions belong to the company Emaji Entertainment, a branch of the wider group of Emaji company, Inc. The classic 80s film of lykanthrwpias known as "The Howling" (1981) directed by Joe Dante, will be one of the first projects of the company. The franchise of The Howling has already given 8 films to date although only the first managed to win wider appreciation of horror together. To see if the new film series that will promote the Emaji there will be better results …

Apart from The Howling, announced that the horror film ' Strangeland ' 1998 will acquire remake. The early title will be "Strangeland: Disciple". Therein will reactivate the sadistic Captain Howdy's personality who in the original film would sway young people into their own personal space through chat rooms and submitted to creepy physically torture associated with ceremonial body modifications.

At Strangeland starring Dee Snider, frontman of legendary heavy metal band Twisted Sister, playing the sadistic Captain Howdy, while he himself had written the screenplay for the film. The great artist than looks would engage and in the remake, without being known more details.


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