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Radioactive Trees Devouring Damsels to a Crazy horror movie!

Radioactive Trees Devouring Damsels to a Crazy horror movie!

by horrormovies.gr31/08/2015

radioactive flesh eating foliageCompletely palabes horror movies we've seen in the past and we often entertain. And who does not go well with chabalediarikes cult films like ' The Blob ' (1988) and "Basket Case" (1982). In this case we are dealing with a similar "sense" (or its folly better) movie that comes from the UNITED STATES in October this year.

Bring the very graphic titled "Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage" directed and screenplay by unknown rookie Dusty W. Fleischman. The film takes us in the mountains of Western Maryland where a chemical company has the bad habit to dispose of waste to nearby forests causing trees in the region to begin attacking passersby having sarkobores moods!

To solve the problem, the company sends two convicts as mercenaries to deal with the threat but the things strabwnoyn again. In paranoid history merges and a group of students who arrive there to investigate the mysterious figure known as "goat man" believing in him due the bloody attacks. But students are unaware of the real danger and would very soon become prey of killer trees and branches that show a special preference for the female sex …

That's crazy talk. Even more crazy, touching on the ridiculous, and the trailer is teaser of "Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage ' has been released. The amateurism is obvious from the first shots but let's keep a little back until (if and when) the entire film.

Starring Sharrie McCain, Jenny Jannetty, Mel Heather Heflin, but Cahill and Dusty himself W. Fleischman. Have fun now with the teaser trailer and have time to consider whether to bother with the film entirely.




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