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Watch the first teaser trailer for the Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Watch the first teaser trailer for the Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

by horrormovies.gr14/09/2014

We don’t know how many are anxious for the sixth film of the films Wrong Turn that constitute one of the most extensive franchise of modern era, but definitely the first teaser trailer was released recently at Bloody Disgusting contains the whole essence of the 6th part! This is none other than violence and blood in which we have grown accustomed to the franchise’s movies. See below and tell us your opinion!

About the affair, she focuses on young Danny, who inherited an isolated hotel in the woods that may constitute the hidden link with the past. After you go under with his friends, they begin to be murdered one-by-one while Danny is found in front of dramatic surprises and dilemmas related to the cannibals of killers region.

Informative, ‘ Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort “as it is the name of the new film, due for release in the country of the USA on 13 October 2014.

Read more about the film from our website here.

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