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First poster for the Leprechaun: Origins

First poster for the Leprechaun: Origins

by horrormovies.gr23/04/2014

Almost two years have passed after the decision of Lionsgate and WWE Studios to reinvent ' Leprechaun ' with new film series. The first reboot movie will be called "Leprechaun: Origins" and expected to be released in August comes.

In directing will be the Zach Lipovsky who has dabbled with television productions mostly. Scenario of the Matt Venne Harris and Wilkinson. Starring Brendan Fletcher, Andrew Dunbar, Teach Grant, Dylan Postl and Stephanie Bennett.

Although we have some time yet before us, those interested can check out our website the first poster of "Leprechaun: Origins" published recently. Remember that the original film "Leprechaun" released in 1993 and until 2003 they released another 5 sequels.

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