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First look in the second season of Ash Vs Evil Dead

First look in the second season of Ash Vs Evil Dead

by horrormovies.gr15/07/2016

The waiting time for the second season of comedy horror hit re-imagined Series Vs Evil Dead Ash all over and shrink. One of the best horror series admittedly last year, Ash Vs Evil Dead of Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy will be back on American's Starz channel receivers from 23 September 2016 with the first episode.

The series will consist like last year out of 10 episodes of triantaleptis duration and will return as expected the actors Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Lucy Lawless while the cast of the second cycle will add Lee Majors (I played the father of Ash), Ted Raimi (as a former classmate of Ash from high school) and Michelle Hurd (as Ash's old love).

The second circle would stop by there started the first. The Ash leaves his beloved Jacksonville and returns to his hometown, Elk Grove where they will face the feisty Ruby which now owns the infamous Necronomicon book. But now the former enemies must form an uncomfortable Alliance in order to cope with the greater evil that is going to hurt the Elk Grove.

Apart from the written information, we have at our disposal and the first video, something like our teaser trailer of the season which puts us in an atmosphere of Evil Dead Ash Vs. Enjoy and get ready for an equally bloody second season.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 TeaserThis October, we're serving up some sugar with a side of blood. The Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 teaser is here and it's awesome.

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