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Prehistoric birds were spreading terror in the new film by Sean Cain

Prehistoric birds were spreading terror in the new film by Sean Cain

by horrormovies.gr01/10/2015

terror birdsThe Sean Cain, the man behind the mediocre is the true film horror/action/sci-fi ' Jurassic ' City (2014) and "Silent Night," Night Zombie (2009) prepares this new period of cinematic work which will bear the title "Terror Birds".

The case has largely to do with what is implied and title. A group of kolegiopaidwn looking for a father of those who disappeared in the countryside during a routine mission studying birds. Young people found at the ranch/Aviary a crazy scientist who nourishes terrifying prehistoric bird species that … they are hungry too.

In "Terror Birds" starring Greg Evigan (Megaconda, Metal Tornado, TekWar), Leslie Easterbrook (Lavalantula, Devil's, Rejects Police Academy), Jessica Lee Keller (Disney's Teen Beach 1 and 2) and Lindsey Sporrer (Blue Mountain State).

The Director is Sean's Cain and scenario of Jake Helgren. The film will be released in the current year to date still unknown. Finally if you want to get a first impression about it, check out the photo material has been released and we have listed below. The official poster is also available.

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