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«Animated» poster for "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked"

«Animated» poster for "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked"

by horrormovies.gr22/11/2013

And while the circulation of "spin-off" of the famous franchise "Paranormal Activity" is approaching (early 2014), recently published by Paramount Pictures distribution company a prototype "bouncing" poster for the further promotion of the film. Enjoy the following along with the official trailer.

Informative "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked" is directed by the screenwriter of three previous Paranormal Activity B Christopher Landon,. who has written the script. Would stars Andrew Jacobs, Richard Cabral, Carlos Pratts and Molly Ephraim.

The events begin in June 2012 in a Californian party where a resident in the apartment below dies mysteriously. Some of the guests at the party go into the woman's apartment while recording images with their camera. Soon discover rituals objects on black magic and the lost video from "Paranormal Activity 3". When a man from the party named Jesse discovers a strange mark on his shoulder, falls victim to attacks by malevolent forces and his friends try to rescue him.


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