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Information and visual material for the REC 4: Apocalypse

Information and visual material for the REC 4: Apocalypse

by horrormovies.gr25/05/2014

In October of 2014 will be finally released in the country of Spain the 4th part of the REC franchise and last like all shows in this film series. The new film is called "REC 4: Apocalypse" and the events will be placed immediately after the end of the second REC, i.e. direct sequel of REC 2 which was released in 2009.

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The case focuses on television reporter Ángela Vidal who had entered into the controversial building along with firefighters and the cameraman in REC 2. The reporter ultimately survives but the soldiers who carry ignore that Ángela bears the "wrist" terrible infestation which turns humans into bloodthirsty beasts. The reporter transferred to temporary quarantine facilities with draconian security measures and would remain in solitary confinement for several days. The quarantine is essentially a remote sea tanker and there are going to develop the action.

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In "REC 4: Apocalypse ' Director Jaume Balagueró will be who had directed and the first two REC while he has curated and scenario together with Manu Diaz. The actress Manuela Velasco who had also starred in the first two films in the series, will come back in the 4th film in the role of reporter Ángela Vidal. In production we meet Julio Fernández while on cast except we find Héctor Colomé Velasco, Críspulo Cabezas, Mariano Venancio, Alfonsa Rosso María, Emilio Buale and Paco Manzanedo.

The release of "REC 4: Apocalypse ' can still slow, but the franchise's friends can enjoy from our site the official trailer, posters and some photos from the new movie.

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