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Comes complete film of the horror anthology V/H/S

Comes complete film of the horror anthology V/H/S

by horrormovies.gr13/06/2015

Remember that horrifying story from the horror anthology V/H/S 2012 where a monstrous woman turned the night three new spree into a nightmare? Was the story "Amateur Night" and was the first of five contained in the film.

According to the website Aint It Cool, American Chiller channel which focuses on horror productions, mostly geared to creating full length movie based on the story of Amateur Night V/H/S.

Indeed it has found and Director Gregg Bishop's face who has given us the remarkable horror comedy Dance of the Dead (2008) as well as the Great Dante story anthology V/H/S Viral – the third movie in the series of anthologies V/H/S released in 2014.

The script will edit Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski while unidentified remains so far the names of the actors who will join the cast. The Siren is expected to see the traffic light into the 2016.


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