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First footage for the Christmas Krampus horror film

First footage for the Christmas Krampus horror film

by horrormovies.gr09/09/2015

No need to approach the holidays to get a first picture of the horror comedy of Michael Dougherty (Trick ' r Treat, Superman: the return) you will come like Santa Claus gift the next Christmas. Check out the first photos and the official poster for the Krampus given recently released, so as an "appetizer".

We remind that the film focuses on the folk Devil Krampus who pesters a failing family life during the Christmas season. And if you believe the slogan … I just don't want to be in the list of the terrible demon.

The Krampus will begin to circulate from late November in some countries and will continue other the first few days of December. Our country has not announced an official date so far so stay on your headset …

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