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Ouija Board, the spirits: the premiere on 27 November in Greece

Ouija Board, the spirits: the premiere on 27 November in Greece

by horrormovies.gr16/11/2014

Ouija posterThe cinematic Autumn is admittedly rich from terror as constantly bombards us with new widescreen horror films in the cinema. So, after "Deliver Us From Evil", "Annabelle", "Horns", etc. Another horror film are going to premiere in theaters on November 27. This is the "Ouija" (table Ouija Spirits) directed by Stiles White who is known mainly for his work in special effects high-profile horror films like "the sixth sense" and "interview with a Vampire" and the screenplay for the recent horror movie "The Possession" (2012).
Is not just a game … 
"Yes", "No", "Goodbye" … These words that are written on each classic spirit table isn't so innocent. Especially when a dark presence from the "other side" refuses to say "Goodbye" … After the suicide of the girlfriend's kalyteris, Lane and her friends decide to play the obscurantist, Ouija game, attempting to communicate with the spirit of his dead friend through this table to spirit bid farewell. As much, but delve into the secrets of the House of the dead, through their contact with a spirit that, initially, they are her own, more and more dark secrets are revealed which endanger their lives.
Starring Olivia Cooke, Daren Kagasoff Coto, Ana, Bianca, Douglas Santos A. Smith and Shelley Hennig. O Stiles White except directing and has edited the script along with Juliet Snowden. The duration of the film is 81 minutes.

UPDATE: read our review of Ouija.


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