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Visual material from the science-fiction thriller Alienate

Visual material from the science-fiction thriller Alienate

by horrormovies.gr11/05/2014

Fans of horror and science fiction certainly crave some fresh-sci fi/horror material. Well, this year we expect a kaloskinothetimeno (apparently) films from the USA that combines horror and science fiction and entitled "Alienate", making a clear allusion to the "alien invasion" concept. Indeed, the case has to do with an invasion by extraterrestrials on Earth, which we follow through the dramatic adventure of a man who tries to return to his home or anyway in what is left of it.

alienate poster

"Alienate" is directed by the composer Michael Shumway and is the first full length film which he directed himself. The scenario is of Rick Hansberry and Lex Hogan while the cast consists of Blake Webb, Tatum Langton, Keith Hottinger, Marlys Fladeland, Cuyle Carvin, Brandyn Cross and Nathan Day among many others. The film is a Film production Base and Shumway Studios. Rich is the Visual material available so far to promote the film. Various photos, poster and at least two trailers is already ready as you can see.

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