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Visual material for the upcoming film Honeymoon horror

Visual material for the upcoming film Honeymoon horror

by horrormovies.gr12/06/2014

In 2014 going to release her directorial debut in Protaras area of Leigh name Janiak horror ' Honeymoon '. This is a film that combines horror, romance and science fiction which Rose starring Leslie who most would know because of the epic HBO series Game Of Thrones.

The "Honeymoon" revolves around a newly married couple who spends his vacation in a cabin in the Woods. The happiness of the couple will be upset by a series of strange events. First a mysterious light, after the disappearance of a woman from the pair and then return with changed behavior augurs a nightmarish sequel for the couple's relationship …

Besides starring in the film Leslie Harry Treadaway, Ben Hanna Huber and Brown. The scenario is of Leigh and Phil Janiak Graziadei. To add that the "Honeymoon" has already screened at various film festivals in the U.S. and Great Britain having received very positive reviews.

honeymoon still     Rose Leslie

The film is expected to be widely released in the fall. Currently it is available the official poster, a few photographs, the official trailer and a video still from the film. All this you can find on our website.

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