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Later on the Dead Snow: vs Red Dead

Later on the Dead Snow: vs Red Dead

by horrormovies.gr13/01/2014

Dead Snow: Red vs Dead is the title of the sequel of horror comedy Dead Snow 2009 from Norway. The new film is expected to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, USA on 14 January 2014. Directed by Tommy Wirkola Norwegian (as in the first film) and he has written the script together with Stig Frode Vegar Hoel and Henriksen. Starring Martin Starr, Derek Mears, Amrita, Acharia Kristoffer Joner and Ingrid Haas.

The case revolves around again a horde of undead Nazi soldiers returning from the grave to complete their mission in the Norwegian countryside. The survivor of the first film recruits a group of professional performers zombies from the USA to stop the horrific zombie. It should be noted that the film will be released and in Norwegian and in English. Also have already been released the poster of the film, some photos and the official trailer. All this you can enjoy below.

dead snow             dead snow 4



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