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New video game horror announced the Microsoft

New video game horror announced the Microsoft

by horrormovies.gr17/06/2015

Good news for fans of horror video games. At a recent Conference of Microsoft's Xbox Division announced the creation and launch of a new game in development by SOEDESCO.

The game will be called ENKI and will belong to the prevalent in recent years Survival Horror category. SOEDESCO's spokesman described the game as a terrifying escape experience with many different trim so each game is different from the previous one.

The player will be locked up in a dark cellar and will tries to escape using various objects and solving puzzles before chanting a dangerous serial killer. Ways of escape will be many and varied.

During the escape attempt the Player discovers information about the serial killer who trapped him in the room in a story that is enriched by components and occult magic and mystery.

The ENKI is allocated for One Xbox without having announced a release date yet. The gamers well, let's stay on their handset. Those who want to get into the mood of the game see below a short trailer published by Microsoft as an appetizer. Looks very interesting …


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