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New thriller with the seal of Nikos Mastorakis

New thriller with the seal of Nikos Mastorakis

by horrormovies.gr05/09/2015

warner bros heist mastorakisAs you read our interview and had granted Nikos Mastorakis in the summer that just passed, the Greek director-producer is currently in collaboration with the great company Warner Bros to create a thriller that would not belong in low budget phylum, but it will be a big production.

Recently it became known the name of the film and the people who will be asked to write the screenplay. The title will be "Heist" and the scenario is assigned to Chris Frazier and Charlie Frazier that the same working period and for the upcoming psychological thriller "In The Company of Lies".

Details about the cast and the plot of "Heist" is not only that there will be about a daring and unbelievable robbery. Expect more in the near future …


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