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New remake to the classic horror film The Bad Seed

New remake to the classic horror film The Bad Seed

by horrormovies.gr01/07/2015

In the context of a succession of announcements for remakes of old and often classic horror films, is not so resounding news announcement of this remake. As you read the title of the news, the film that will xanaektelestei is the classic Bad Seed of The 50s which was skinothetithei by Mervyn LeRoy and was based on William March novel title as well as a play by Maxwell Anderson.

The original film of 1956 succeeded a mediocre remake destined for television in 1985. According to fresh information from The Hollywood Reporter, the American Lifetime network has started the procedures for creating another television remake for The Bad Seed.

The new film's script will write the Barbara Marshall and production will take the Mark Wolper (Bates Motel). The case revolves around an 8-year old girl who, despite the seeming innocence of hides a psychopathic killer. I managed the overprotective mother to address promptly the danger?

For anything later about this remake will inform you.


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