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New horror film from the creator of Wolf Creek

New horror film from the creator of Wolf Creek

by horrormovies.gr11/06/2015

After the successful Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 (and of course very good Rogue 2007), Australian Director Greg McLean is back in action with another horror film containing many elements and action as shown.

His new work is called The Belko Experiment and expected to be released in 2016.

The movie will take us to the places of a private American company that is based in South America. The company is called Belko and one day sealing its doors mysteriously closing in its employees at the start of the morning shift. The scariest is that instructs employees to kill each other and if they don't we killed. This fact leads to the onset of violent incidents inside the sealed company. Now I will reveal the true face of each …

Scenario has taken the Director and screenwriter of last year's blockbuster hit "Guardians of the Galaxy", James Gunn. Interestingly and the ensemble of actors. We find noteworthy names such as Michael Rooker (Barometric Low), Tony Goldwyn (the last Samurai), John Gallagher Jr (The Newsroom), John C. McGinley (the rock), Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist) and Melonie Diaz them, Adria Arjona, David Dastmalchian and Brent Sexton.

We have a long time still until the release of The Experiment after Belko currently underway shooting in Bogota, Colombia. For newer developments we will update on.


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