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Comes new movie "Halloween"

Comes new movie "Halloween"

by horrormovies.gr17/06/2015

It is certainly one of the most resonant news of the week, if not month! The companies Dimension Films and Trancas International Films officially announced that the legendary Slayer Michael Myers will return to the big screen with a new horror movie that will bear the title "Halloween" Returns.

The new film I directed the creator of two horror films "The Collector (2009)/The Collection" (2012) Marcus Dunstan. The script will take himself along with Patrick Melton and the shooting is going to probably start in July. The actors still remain unknown.

About "Halloween" Returns the The Weinstein Company spokesman & Dimension Films, Bob Weinstein said the following:

«The Michael Myers did break for a long time from the big screen and we know that the fans eager for his return. We are excited to be working with the Trancas and look forward to restore to the public worldwide one of the tromaktikoteres movies of this classic franchise»

As regards the assumption we know that will revolve around a child dekaochtachrono a victim of Myers with the child of a passionate policeman with chasing the notorious murderer, preparing to watch the execution of death row inmate Myers. But when the State eyes and Myers escapes, the two children and their friends are in great danger.

The "Halloween" Returns are expected to be released in 2016. We remind that the films of the franchise is already at number 10 with his film of 2007 Rob Zombie be a reboot of the previous Halloween films series that started from the classic film of 1978 John Carpenter. As part of the reboot was released and "Halloween II" 2009 (again from the rob Zombie) and what is coming will be the third film of the reboot. Hence the alternative title of ' Halloween III '.

Expect more in the near future …



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