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New book by Guillermo del Toro in preparation for Halloween

New book by Guillermo del Toro in preparation for Halloween

by horrormovies.gr11/10/2013

Well, Guillermo del Toro Hustler employs terror friends again and the imaginary too soon since the last time you had it done. After producing and editing the book series classic horror of Penguin Books who made the previous month, the Mexican filmmaker and author – with the opportunity of the upcoming Halloween – released another book, more personal this time, titled "Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions" (published by Harper Design). The book will be released on 29 October 2013.
It is a sumptuous illustrated version 256 pages written together with the screenwriter and author Marc Scott Zicree, which penetrates deep into the creative mind of del Toro, through his personal notes, drawings, diaries, drawings, unknown until now creatures of imagination of Director and also includes ideas for future activities. This is a book that confirms for the umpteenth time del Toro's love for horror and fantasy.
Another notable feature of the new book is the participation therein of many celebrities of film and fiction such as John Landis, Cuarón Alfonco, Geiman Neil and many others. There will also be a foreword by James Cameron and a Grand epilogue by Tom Cruise. Del Toro's other books in which the Mexican has dealt with terror in the past are "The Strain" (2009), "The Fall" (2010), "The Eternal Night" (1968) which make up the overall trilogy "The Strain Trilogy".

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