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The New Shooter Game "Hatred" and the Trailer that created Panic

The New Shooter Game "Hatred" and the Trailer that created Panic

Do you like the splatter and brute force? Looking for movies with a high degree of gore and nonstop bloodbath? If you fall into this category of people who love horror and create games that contain violence, then it is worth to take a look at the trailer below! The new shooter game is expected to go into circulation from the Destructive Creations somewhere in 2015. However, the first strong reactions have already made their appearance. Many argue that such a game exceeds the bounds of morally acceptable and must therefore be withdrawn.
The case is relatively simple: the protagonist is disgusted by the society and begins a genocide, as a result of hatred that the stifling. With clear influences from the German Rampage films Uwe Boll, the game's creators contend that the Hatred is the reaction in any way. Meanwhile, even people who generally welcome games violence and splatter declared that this game exceed his remit.
When does freedom of expression ends and when justified violence without limits? Can a game really be catalytically negative influence on the psyche of those who play, particularly of children and adolescents? If you don't mind, see the trailer and think!


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