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New horror film from Austria promises to cripple us

New horror film from Austria promises to cripple us

by horrormovies.gr02/08/2015

Goodnight MommyEurope has made leaps in the last decade in order to give new impetus to the scene of horror synagwnizomeni worthily USA in producing remarkable movies. Although most interesting efforts from the old continent originate from the constant qualitative Spain, and sometimes other countries put their own brick in that effort.

This time the Central Europe, especially Austria will try to make the big surprise in the field of horror with the promising Goodnight Mommy or seh Ich seh Ich, as is the original Austrian title. This particular film is a creation of new horror on site Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz who after a documentary decided to join forces in directing and screenplay by Goodnight Mommy.

The case has to do with the return of a mother in her home in the province where the two enniachronoi twins sons. The woman wears bandages on the face as it made plastic surgery. But several horrific events pose to children on suspicion that the person behind the bandages are not what their mother! Is anyone else? And what purpose does it have?

This is a really interesting and very original case as you may expect. Already the response he has received from international film festivals where it has been viewed (including that of Thessaloniki) is very encouraging and it is possible to talk about one of the great surprises of 2015.

Starring the Susanne Wuest, Elias Schwarz, Schwarz, Lukas Elfriede Schatz Escher Hans Elfriede Schatz and Karl Purker.

Recently released trailer of the film and are indeed riveting. If only the movie itself to be as terrifying as horror scene has need of such films. Enjoy the trailer below.



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