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New horror film from the Director of The Devil Inside

New horror film from the Director of The Devil Inside

by horrormovies.gr15/07/2014

Certainly many will remember seeing the controversial horror film "The Devil Inside" or "the devil Inside" which was released about two years ago in video clubs in our country. Can this particular film was awarded to negative reviews by many critics but at the box office went swimmingly amassing over $ 100 million worldwide with a budget of just 1 million dollars!

Fresh news say that the Director of "The Devil Inside" William Brent Bell prepares a new supernatural horror film that moves in the footsteps of "The Conjuring". The movie will bring the typical "Inhabitant" The title and will be a production of Lakeshore Entertainment. The script will edit the freshman Stacey Menear. Other well known horror films of William Brent Bell is "Stay Alive" (2006) and "Wer" (2013).

William Brent Bell

William Brent Bell


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