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Information about the new Dario Argento's horror movie

Information about the new Dario Argento's horror movie

by horrormovies.gr12/11/2014

The news will probably leave with mixed emotions Dario Argento's friends after the great Italian filmmaker is good self for many years. The Argento then prepares this period a new horror movie that focuses on the conflict of a young student with a serial killer with the nickname Sandman. The student had childhood trauma from this killer when the second killed his mother on Christmas Eve. And although the student thought Sandman dead, the killer seems to have returned …

"The Sandman" is well and the title of the film that I directed the Argento in screenplay by David Tully, who had written the mediocre horror film "Djinn" (2013) directed by Tobe Hooper. The venture calls for public support through Indiegogo platform where anyone who wishes to deposit a sum to support the new effort of Argento.

The remarkable film is the participation of legendary singer Iggy Pop in the role of Sandman. About all that Argento said:

"I was thrilled when I read the script as immediately antiliftika that is for me! I'm so excited that for the first time in my career I can put my followers so early in the process of creating the film giving them such a key role. Also working together with Iggy Pop is fabulous! This is such an interesting and intense personality! I will not describe just actor but a single instance! Welcome to the unique world of The Sandman! "

On his part, Iggy Pop said:

"Always with enthoysiazan and with had the amazing movies of k. Argento. All are masterpieces. It is strange, beautiful and full of stark terror. If you play the Sandman for him (r.r. the Argento) my life would be complete. "

But one encouraging factor is the recruitment of long-term musical collaborator of Argento, Claudio Simonetti for synthesis of musical themes. He has also prepared the song "Way She Moves" by Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts which opens the film.

Meanwhile check and the first dark poster designed for the ' The Sandman ' and tell us our opinion.

sandman poster


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