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Details on the new series horror Evil Dead VS Ash

Details on the new series horror Evil Dead VS Ash

by horrormovies.gr11/03/2015

The franchise of films Evil Dead is undoubtedly one of the most important and emblematic Trilogies in the history of world cinema horror. While listening to the first new last November for the sequel in the trilogy through the television series sent in Celestial faithful friends of franchise, has been of great interest to see some of the latest confirmed information that arrive for the Evil Dead Ash VS.

bruce campbell

Bruce Campbell

The series will consist of 10 episodes lasting half an hour and will be screened by the American tv network Starz in late 2015. Unsurprisingly protagonist will be the Bruce Campbell who will embody the legendary character of Ash. The production of the whole project will proofread in principle the Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell himself, leading triplets IE back and in front of the cameras of the legendary Evil Dead franchise. Together with them we encounter and the Aaron Lam (Spartacus), Ivan Raimi (Darkman, Army of Darkness, Drag Me to Hell) and Craig DiGregorio (Workaholics, Chuck).

It also became known that Sam Raimi will direct the first episode of the series which he wrote together with Ivan Raimi, Craig DiGregorio and Tom Spezialy (Chuck, Reaper, Desperate Housewives).

The case is not something that we did not expect, but of course the goystaroyme with a thousand! The Ash after spending the last thirty years avoiding any responsibility and recollection regarding the horrific events that took place in the Evil Dead, forced to return to action as a new threat of malicious demons comes to devastate humanity. The Ash is the only hope of … (not that it wouldn't be!)

Ray Santiago

Ray Santiago

Interestingly and the little cast that have been confirmed so far. Besides the Bruce Campbell involving Ray Santiago (Meet the Fockers) and Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold Kumar Christmas 3D &). The first will play an immigrant who becomes a loyal friend and an associate of the apothewnontas Ash while the second a whimsical girl aprothyma entangled in the confrontation of evil Ash sticking to his team. So it seems that revealed the first team that will face the diabolical threat, unless future added other characters.

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones

Also announced recently the Jill Marie Jones (Sleepy Hollow) and (brace yourselves) Lucy Lawless-Xena The Warrior explosive: Princess (a series whose production was also undertaken by the Sam Raimi)! Both would pretend characters for their own reasons are chasing the Ash. The Lawless because the wrongly considers responsible for the demonic outbursts which intends to crack down, and Jones because he feels responsible for the death of her partner on the police force.

All of this information make sure the plot of the Evil Dead VS Ash very spicy and the series friends we cannot keep ourselves from the agony!

Shooting starts in the spring in New Zealand where Tapert, Raimi and their partners have brought many sets and other toys to make the filming area to resemble American city (e.g. import cars with the steering wheel on the left, American nameplates, etc.).

So patience until the end of 2015 where Ash and his friends are expected to give us great moments of horror, action, and laugh (hopefully) fulfilling the dreams of countless fans of the franchise who fervently wanted a sequel to the Evil Dead.


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