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News about The Possession of Michael King

News about The Possession of Michael King

by horrormovies.gr08/06/2014

The upcoming horror film the rookie David Jung is released next August, so it's time for a little information on this. "The Possession of Michael King" as they say the movie has skinothetithei and written by Jung, with Tedi Serafian contributing to the screenplay as he had done and with "Terminator 3: the revolt of the machines '.

It is a horror film focuses on metaphysical character Michael King, a filmmaker who does not believe neither in God nor the Devil. After the death of his wife the Michael decides to shoot a documentary about the world of the supernatural allowing daimonologoys, necromancers and all sort of spiritist field of metaphysical to make ' Guinea pig ' in some way, with a view to prove once and for all that all you have to do with the supernatural and the religion is unfounded and false. Something goes wrong but Michael is occupied by a malevolent supernatural force that does not want to leave him free ever again.

The film stars Shane Johnson (Saving Private Ryan), Ella Anderson (Touchback), Cara Pifko (I Me Wed), Dale Dickey (Iron Man 3), Julie McNiven (Mad Men) and Tomas Arana (Gladiator). The production is of Gold Circle Films has given high-profile horror films like "White Noise" (2005) and "The Haunting In Connecticut" (2009).

Recently the distribution company Anchor Bay Films released the film's poster which you present.


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