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New for the upcoming Rob Zombie horror film

New for the upcoming Rob Zombie horror film

by horrormovies.gr06/08/2014

Remember those ungenerous information were published before long enough for the new Rob Zombie horror film referring to us clown and at number 31? Well then slowly begins to clarify the landscape on the new work of busy American filmmaker and rock stars. ' 31 ' will be the title of the film and the face of a clown who had seen associated with the film. Let's learn from Rob Zombie himself details about his new film according to statements published on the website FanBacked through which the Zombie seeks funding for the project from the public:

"Welcome to my new film. Called 31. It is the story of five random people who were kidnapped five days before Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World (r.r. People Murder). As they are trapped in this artificial hell must fight to survive by playing the most dangerous game man has ever known … a game called 31.

The 31 has no rules. The 31 has no limits. It is so simple. Do anything you can to kill your opponent before they kill you. He continued to do for 12 hours and the freedom is yours.

Who are the adversaries? Is a group of vulgar, brwmerwn and aimodipswn clown who is known as THE HEADS (r.r. The Heads). Have various shapes and sizes and each of them becomes more dangerous than the previous.

This is a dirty film with fast-paced for those who delight in brutal conditions. Prepare for a sick film! Is a hard-core job for bloodhounds thirsting for blood ". Rob Zombie

They said well the Rob Zombie, among others in preparation for a particularly brutal horror movie. Beyond the statements of released and interesting artwork for the upcoming film as well as a short video in which the Zombie explains how inspired the idea for the "31". All this you can check out our website.

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