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The younger generation doesn’t seem to frighten him anymore with "Halloween"

The younger generation doesn’t seem to frighten him anymore with "Halloween"

by horrormovies.gr31/10/2013

Yahoo Movies recently conducted a survey to determine whether the history of Halloween (1978) by John Carpenter remains scary in the eyes of the youngest age viewers, particularly those born in the 1980s and 90s.

The film was screened in 10 young American ethnicity mostly attending colleges, i.e. talking about an age range of 18 to 24 years old. Also, none of those viewers hadn’t seen the work in the past. When we were invited to express their impressions about how scary the seemed the “Halloween” the answers of most was rather daunting to the extent of the horror film history.

In addition participants were asked to rank the degree of horror produced the “Halloween” on a scale of 1 to 10. The highest grade was the 7.5 and the more low the 2 compared to the average of the scores stood at 5.4, a figure definitely frustrating for the legendary Carpenter’s film that changed the image of horror cinema as we know it.

The most frequent complaint of viewers concerned the lack of psychological terror that we find in today’s film and the existence of cheap tromarwn like POPs of Michael Myers from dark places. Some of the ratings that were used for the “Halloween” was “silly”, “ftiniariko”, “trite”, “funny”, “comedian”, “moderately scary”, “predictable”, “obsolete”. It was also mentioned that modern horror films manage to convince about the “realism” of horror containing something not found in ‘ Halloween ‘ finding BC completely analithofani the power of Michael Myers.

The unique element of “Halloween”, which was considered unanimously scary was the soundtrack. However the participants showed to understand the innovative character of the “Halloween” for his time and reason that startled the horror audience those times. Yet few will feared to go to sleep after watching it. Some of the participant stated that the widespread violence of today’s horror films, the best effects and dark twists make old horror films like “Halloween” obsolete.

Other participants wondered – obviously with facetious disposal – for several individual scenes of “Halloween” as “why don’t light up, none of the actors a light?”, “why the parents were not at home with their children on the night of Halloween”, or “why the protagonist Jamie Lee Curtis is not sure that the murderer has killed as many times has hit heavy?”. Of course we can do similar questions and for today’s horror movies which are not free from “mistakes”, exaggerations and incomprehensible actions of their protagonists, but participants in the survey did not seem particularly bothered by them …

For the story to say that this group of young people reported as tromaktikoteres movies of the most recent season of “1408”, “The Cabin in the Woods”, “The Conjuring ‘, ‘ The Descent ‘, ‘ Evil Dead ‘ (2013!),” The Omen “(2006), ‘ The Ring ‘, ‘ Saw ‘ and ‘ Sinister ‘.

Our comment: almost every film we can find disadvantages as historic and established. This is the most easy thing after a certain point, a particular scene, a particular actor’s reaction could always has something extra, to be contrived a click better than it is. So we could find disadvantages and in “Halloween” as important though is like a movie in many ways. Students of the research above seems to follow the trend of the times, understandable in part, where the later productions with the aid of modern technology offer more impressive sight visual and audio even if a film is mediocre. And the older years viewers that grew up with the famous horror films of the 60s and 70s probably won’t be particularly horrified by the horror films of the 1930s and probably make them seem “funny” and “obsolete”. However, let’s not forget that the survey sample was too small and probably not as representative, as there are people of their age they still startle or stranded out of old horror movies. Ultimately what is frightening is largely subjective and is not able to impose on anyone else’s opinion about what should frighten and what not.


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