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What were the most successful horror films of 2014?

What were the most successful horror films of 2014?

by horrormovies.gr18/02/2015

The 2014 certainly wasn't the best year for the scene of horror as regards recoveries in world cinema. Although there were a few polydiafimismenes and most widely anticipated horror films, the commercial success was lower compared with the much larger numbers we saw in 2013.

The ' Annabelle ' was the great protagonist in receipts, a success that came pressing heavily on the legacy of polyepitychimenoy "The Conjuring" by 2013. In the following table we gathered the 10 most successful horror movies 2014 quoting in detail so the proceeds to the global Box Office and their budgets in order to appear more clearly the extent of their success.

Behold …

1. Annabelle6,500,000255,273,813
2. The Purge: Anarchy (Clearance: Anarchy)9,000,000110,602,999
3. Ouija (Spirit-Ouija Board)5,000,00099,035,125
4. Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked (Metaphysical Activity: Stigmatismenoi)5,000,00090,904,854
5. Deliver Us From Evil (bad Xorkise)30,000,00087,937,815
6. Oculus (the mirror of hell)5,000,00044,030,246
7. As Above, So Below (As High, so Low)40,235,114
8. Due Devil's (the coming of the devil)7,000,00036,433,975
9. Jessabelle (Ghosts)1,000,00023,456,897
10. The Quiet Ones17,834,867

* Amounts are in u.s. dollars


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