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New Visual Material for the Crimson's Guillermo del Toro Peak

New Visual Material for the Crimson's Guillermo del Toro Peak

by horrormovies.gr14/05/2015

Previously we had seen the first teaser trailer of the new film's famous horror director Guillermo del Toro and writer who headed ' Crimson ' Peak. It is a gothic horror film that he has directed as well as write himself (with the help of Matthew Robbins in the script) while it has undertaken and production.

The Crimson Peak is one of the most promising horror film of the year that we are and will be released this coming October. Although we have a long way still ahead the makers take care to keep us "warm" with new Visual material. Specifically, we have two new trailer that was just released and we present! He has also published a new poster with fairytale aesthetic as you can notice.

crimson peak

If you want to see and the older trailer and read more information about the upcoming del Toro's film click on the following link:





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