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The TV Series Mist: Comes the pilot episode

The TV Series Mist: Comes the pilot episode

by horrormovies.gr03/03/2016

September 2015 had posted a news about the planned series of ' The Mist ' geared up by Danish screenwriter and producer Christian Torpe. As the title suggests, the series based on Stephen King's novel title in which the residents of a small town facing the terrible creatures that lurk inside the mysterious fog that covers the city.

So recently we learned that the American television network Spike gave order for the pilot episode which will write the Torpe. About this cooperation, the Vice President of channel Sharon Levy said:

We're impressed that you join forces with the incredibly creative Christian Torpe and Dimension Films in order to make the sensational novel by Stephen King in a dynamic series of unparalleled television has ever seen. Sharon Levy

We await with curiosity how we evolved this ambitious undertaking as it is known that Stephen King novel in film or on television is not an easy undertaking. History has shown on many occasions. For anything newer information will follow.


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