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In Stephen King's The Mist becomes a tv series

In Stephen King's The Mist becomes a tv series

by horrormovies.gr19/09/2015


Clearly the current decade has been singled out for its abundant production of horror television series. In the horror series turbine already displayed or are going to deliver, comes another, this time based on a classic novel of an author karaklasikoy of our beloved genre.

This is the "The Mist" (1980) by Stephen King who has enjoyed so far one transfer to the big screen with the remarkable Frank Darabont's film in 2007. The project prepared by the The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films for Television Dimension with the Danish screenwriter Torpe Christian who has worked on many series of Danish television.

"The Mist" recounts the terrifying story of the inhabitants of a small town which is covered by a mysterious fog with scary content. The locals except for the match against the fog they face and their knees themselves within a climate of absolute insanity and psychological terror.

Expect more information on this ambitious effort in the near future.


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