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Lights Out (do not Erase the Light): Visual material & release date in Greece

Lights Out (do not Erase the Light): Visual material & release date in Greece

by horrormovies.gr18/07/2016

Lights Out is the title of the first long-lasting horror film by Director David F. Sandberg who has undertaken and Annabelle 2 that will come in 2017. But let's focus on this essay which after the showing of his film festival in Los Angeles won very positive feedback and is certainly one of the most most widely anticipated horror films of the year.

Revolves around a young woman who after the frightening supernatural experiences of small her brother once lived and she decides to investigate the mystery. This will bring her face-to-face with a horrific entity associated with their mother.

The screenplay is based on the same title film by filmmaker who here occurs in fuller form by Eric Heisserer (final destination 5). From singles players and of course the great name and large paper now in cinema horror James Wan. Starring Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander Dispersia, Billy Burke and Maria Bello.

Pleasant for the Greek public is that the "Lights Out" will pass and from the movies of our country under the title "don't blow out the light". The premiere is set for September 29, 2016 (reportedly at least). Until then those interested can get an extensive picture of the film watching the official trailer and lot soon klipakia by the flow of the movie that came with our article.


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