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New metaphysical thriller in the making of the Legendary Pictures

New metaphysical thriller in the making of the Legendary Pictures

by horrormovies.gr18/12/2014

After numerous and loudly film projects such as Warcraft, Blackhat, Seventh Son and Crimson Peak (Guillermo del Toro) the great Legendary Pictures company recently acquired the rights of the upcoming book by Canadian author Andrew Pyper titled The Damned. The book will be released in February 2015 and will move in supernatural motifs, similar to the style of "the Sixth Sense" and "Ladder" Jacob's.

The protagonist is a man who has experienced an experience very close to death and now tormented by the spirit of vengeance's twin sister. When a man starts a new life with new wife and adoptive son, the spirit of his sister is hurt and the three.

The Pyper is an accomplished author with extensive publications in the field of thriller. To add that the last horror Novella entitled The Demonologist Pyper is already in a stage production of the award-winning Image Movers Director/Producer Robert Zemcekis while the rights of the film has acquired Universal Pictures.


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