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New horror novel transfer film from Lionsgate

New horror novel transfer film from Lionsgate

by horrormovies.gr24/05/2014

According to information from the the Lionsgate recently acquired the rights for the transfer of the upcoming horror novel of writer Danielle Vega entitled "The Merciless". The book comes out on the market on June 12 from Razorbill Books.

"The Merciless" tells the story of Sofia, a young girl who goes to a school in a small town. There he meets three girls that convincing that a known the name Brooklyn must undergo exorcism as is "possessed". Eventually the exorcism evolves more torment for Brooklyn. When Sofia realizes that something is amiss wants to leave but cannot do so unless they come into conflict with the three new girlfriends could be the next who will suffer the tortures of the exorcism.

Marlene King

The metaphor of the book to the big screen will make the Marlene King, creator of ABC's tv series young "Pretty Little Liars". The same will be and executive producer in addition to screenwriter. The production will make the Alloy Entertainment.

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