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Green light for the transfer of the Exorcist on tv

Green light for the transfer of the Exorcist on tv

by horrormovies.gr25/01/2016

It's not hidden that the horror genre has great appeal to video world today after more and more horror books the classic horror films made tv series.

It seems this is going to become and historical "Exorcist" 1973. Although the preparatory work for the project in question had been going on for 2-3 years, recently the American channel Fox gave the OK for the preparation of the pilot episode and from his performance will depend the future of the project.

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More specifically, we know that the production company Morgan Creek hired the screenwriter of Fantastic Four (2015) and The Lazarus Effect (2015) Jeremy Slater to write the screenplay. The Slater will take over as executive producer along with James Robinson, David Robinson and Barbara Wall.

The series is described as a psychological thriller that follows two very different among men in their quest to confront the true evil in the face of a daimonismoy case that fed a family.

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