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The Melanie Denholme shocking horror audiences with new horror film.

The Melanie Denholme shocking horror audiences with new horror film.

by horrormovies.gr29/08/2013

The hot British actress Melanie Denholme with up-and-coming career in low-budget cult horror films (e.g. Lady of the Dark: the Vampire Serpent of Genesis, One Hour to Die etc.) shocking once again (especially the male audience) with her new film that recently completed and bears the title "Scream Queen: Anna Killer". In the film she played an actress who brings erotic scenes done on behalf of a twisted horror Director. But the pressure exercised by the said Lord leads to paranoia with unforeseen consequences …

According to statements of the protagonist role in the new film was too weird for her and included scenes that exceed the limits could reach in real life. However there have been discrimination for the daring British since recently managed to win Best Supporting Actress Award for direct at Indie Fest for its participation in ' Scream Queen: Anna Killer ". Also according to some early reviews from viewers of cult horror and sexploitation film field is particularly shocking … Although the comments rather focus more on sensual and eccentric presence of Melanie Denholme.

It should be noted that the Denholme is not just an actor in the new film as well as plus-film director and co-writer. "Anna: Scream Queen Killer" will be released from the Chemical Burn Entertainment company that specializes in distributing low-budget horror films and exploitation films and comedies.


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