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The Marilyn Monroe hunts zombies!

The Marilyn Monroe hunts zombies!

by horrormovies.gr19/05/2014

A totally unexpected horror film with a very mad affair is going to go on sale next year. Will be called "Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter" and will be released in August 2015. As the title implies, the movie will be showing the famous American star as Hunter zombies that come back to life because of the spread of a new type of bubonic plague that is sweeping the world. These events placed the period already shining star of charming actress in 1961. Indeed, according to the case the President himself will Kennedy calls on the Marilyn to cope with a zombie and their exolothreysi are the hidden talent!

Marilyn Monroe Zombie

In "Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter" Director will be the Thomas J. Churchill. He has curated and scenario along with Joe Knetter while the cast consists of Sarah French (she'll play the Marilyn), Mindy Grote Krista Robinson, and Ken Sagoes. The film is a production of Church Hill Productions, the Director's own company.

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