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The Malcolm McDowell revives the terrible Dr Phibes.

The Malcolm McDowell revives the terrible Dr Phibes.

by horrormovies.gr10/05/2015

This though is news! The older you might remember that the historical horror cult figure named Dr. Phibes. It is a deformed killer who incarnated the unsurpassed Vincent Price in horror films of the ' 70s The Abominable Dr Phibes. "(1971) and ' Dr Phibes Rises Again." (1972).

In the first film of Phibes kill doctors who believed responsible for the death of his wife after a car crash in which he was deformed. This he did in different ways inspired by the 10 plagues of Pharaoh mentioned in the old testament. In the sequel the Phibes was looking for some magical Papyri trying to bring back to life the adored wife.

It seems the awesome Dr. Phibes has not yet said its last word. A third film is in the works under the name Forever Phibes ' "and even the role of the devious Dr. will embody many Malcolm McDowell (a Clockwork Orange). The creator of Dr Phibes and his screenwriter. original film William Goldstein has joined forces with his son Damon Goldstein for the writing of the script.

About this new project the McDowell said the following:

"Dr Phibes. is from those rare authentic characters. Just rereading the script and I think that is fantastic! I'm really excited to be working with the original screenwriters and I look forward to ensarkwsw this great horror classic ' role. Malcolm McDowell

We do not know most horror fans what they think of this project. We await with great interest the return a forgotten but resourceful character horror like the sprite Dr Phibes. ….


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